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How To Become A Pool Contractor?

Contractors who specialize in pools have a distinct set of skills. It is important to know how to work around water and the different tools and equipment used to build and maintain the pools. But you also need to learn a lot of other things, like how to stay organized, lead a team of qualified workers and give exceptional customer service. Read on to answer the question, "How To Become A Pool Contractor?'

What's Involved In A Swimming Pool Contractor Role

Swimming pool contractors are in high demand, so if you love being outside, you should consider becoming one. Pool contractors build, repair, and maintain pools and spas as well as a number of other large aquatic machines, equipment and gadgets. It is a specialized type of contractor that takes care of swimming pools, repairs and installs them using the necessary equipment, licenses and safety measures.

A swimming pool contractor in Ontario is defined as a person who performs repair and maintenance on pools, hot tubs, spas and other water features regardless of whether they are public or private.

A swimming pool contractor's duties include:

  • the repair or replacement of existing equipment, any cleaning or equipment sanitizing that requires at least a partial disassembling, excluding filter changes, and the installation of new pool/spa equipment,

  • interior refinishing and inspection of the pool interior

  • the re-installation or addition of pool heaters,

  • the repair or replacement of all perimeter piping and filter piping,

  • the repair of equipment rooms or housing for pool/spa equipment, and the substantial or complete draining of a swimming pool, or hot tub or spa, for the purpose of repair or renovation.

Licensure requirements vary region by region for pool contractors but it always in good faith and practice to have the most training and licenses possible for your business. Some areas require an exam and fees. Contractor specializations are available in the following fields in Ontario: layout, structural, excavation, decking, piping, and finishes.

How to Become a Pool Contractor

It's not always easy to get started in the pool business. It's not just about knowing how to operate the equipment, but it's also about understanding the business in general, and that can be a tough one to learn. You'll have to understand the basics of pool construction, as well as dealing with local and state government, as well as different regulations in different states. You'll also have to be very knowledgeable about pool chemicals and the procedures used on pool walls and floors.

Get Insured As A Pool Contractor

You must have everything in order before you start any form of contract work. Local insurance and bonding companies can provide coverage for pool contractors. A lot of insurance companies charge a lot for pool installation coverage in this industry due to the high costs. Call your local contractor's licensing board to get all your papers approved.

Get Workers' Compensation For Pool Contractor Employees

If you plan to hire employees, then make sure you carry workers' compensation insurance. No matter how many people you have, you must carry workers' compensation insurance. Contact an insurance broker to discuss your options.

Introduce Yourself To Local Pool Licensing Board

Several types of "swimming pool contractor" accreditation also cover work on spas, hot tubs and solar heating equipment. Know and comply with your local contractor's licensing board's requirements. An accreditation board oversees accreditation and licensing.

Hire A Reputable Pool Contractor Team

Ninety-seven percent of employees believe lack of coordination within a team negatively impacts outcomes and causes discouragement. The solution is simple: Make sure you hire the right people. Make sure they have some experience or are very motivated to follow your guidance and mentorship. Remember, your employees are a reflection on your business and can negatively impact your standing in the community.

Know The Local Pool Laws

Abide by county laws regarding installation and repair of swimming pools. Introduce yourself and take a trip down to city hall to make sure you have a sense of the local laws surrounding pools. For example, according to Swimming Pool Fence By-law PS-5 and Fence By-law PS-6 , "Every swimming pool, as defined by the by-law, is required to be completely enclosed by a gated fence. Whether the fence is new or existing, a permit is required before the swimming pool can be installed."

Market Your Pool Contractor Services

Create a business logo to display at your clients' homes while you're working. Distribute fliers and brochures to new homeowners and builders, and encourage them to inform others about you. Join your city's chamber of commerce to network with other pool contractors. Join any local pool associations in your area.

In conclusion, you will want to acquire as much knowledge as possible about the construction of pools and spas. In addition to learning the basics of pool design and construction, you will also want to make sure you are up to date on the latest technological advances and on pool laws and regulations. The best way to become a pool contractor is to start as an assistant or apprentice.

Reliable pool contractors

Designing a pool can be a difficult task. There are many things that need to be considered including the size, shape, and location of the pool. It is important to get professional help when designing your pool so that you can get it just right.

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