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london's trusted pool and backyard contractors

one of the region's respected local companies 

service and supplies for swimming in southwestern ontario

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enjoy your backyard on a hot day 

Services we offer

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Pool opening and closing

Scheduled maintenance

Restoration or upgrades to existing pools

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Pool opening


- Opening pool chemical kit

- Drain water from the cover

- Clean the cover for storage

- Re-install all pool equipment

- Have pool fully up and running

Pool closing


- Blow water out of system lines

- Close off all returns and suctions

- Add winterizing chemicals

- Inspect all pool equipment

- Install winter cover

Weekly pool servicing

Let us take care of your pool maintenance so you can spend more time swimming and relaxing!


- Skim pool surface for leaves and debris

- Complete vacuum of your pool

- Brush pool steps

- Scrub the waterline

- Check and empty skimmer and pump baskets

- Backwash the filter as needed

- Water chemical analysis and balancing chemicals

- Monitor and restock chemical supply



If your pool has seen better days, we can restore it to it’s former glory – but better! Choose from updates that include new, energy-efficient pool equipment, stairs, lighting, water features, a new liner, new coping or decking. You get all the aesthetic and functional advantages of a new pool while preserving the priceless mature landscaping around the pool that has taken years to establish.




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